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Date Posted: 09/05/2017


Battle of Mortimer's Cross 1461 Candlemas Day

Commemoration of Battle of Mortimer's Cross - 556th Anniversary

Dates: 02/02/2018 - 02/02/2018

Brampton Bryan - Civil War Siege and grand bookshop

Brampton Bryan © Wheely Wonderful Cycling

Brampton Bryan is a small village of 100 people situated close to the Welsh Borders with Shropshire. Much of Brampton Bryan is still owned by the  Harley Family, as it has been since the 14th century. The village has an attractive church St Barnabas dating from 1656, and a number of black and white cottages, and Georgian brick houses. The village boasts nearby Bed & Breakfast accommodation together with a local inn in the nearby village of Bucknell.

Top things to do & see  

  • Visit St. Barnabas Church  - hammer beam roof, taken from the castle
  • site of a famous siege during the Civil war - Lady Brilliana defended the castle from the Royalists siege
  • Spectacular Yew hedge around the Castle 
  • Walk one of the many footpaths or bridleways that go through the village and Park
  • Toposcope on top of Harley's Mountain
  • Visit ruins of Brampton Bryan Castle - open once a year in August - at Scarecrow Sunday 
  • Lots of events held in the village including the Mortimer Country Food Fair, the English Civil War Society Re-enactment of the Siege of Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire Art Week Exhibitions, Scarecrow Sunday etc
  • Huge bookshop with cafe - Aardvark Books
  • Craftsmen shops and workshops in estate buildings  - Red Rooster Crafts, or the Forge Hairdressers.


 Upper Buckton, Walford Court - bed & breakfast


Aardvark Cafe

Baron at Bucknell

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Brampton Bryan © Wheely Wonderful Cycling

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